Aprilia is an Italian motorcycle company which was started as a manufacturer of bicycles it moved on to manufacture scooters and small-capacity motorcycles. From the last few years Aprilia has produced large number of sport bikes. With 294 Grand Prix races won in Road Racing World Championship, Aprilia has great success for the most wins of any European manufacturer in the history of maximum motorcycle competition. During the same period Aprilia has also mount up 28 World Titles and an unlimited collection of European and national awards. Every weekend, all over the world, Aprilia motorcycles take to the track on worldwide and local journeys, holding great the honor of Italian and European motorcycling, serving the biker’s need to race and raising up young riders designed to enter into the world championship world. Much of Aprilia’s success has been credited to its potent combination of extraordinarily lean manufacturing and high level design. Instead of investing mountains of capital in machines and equipment, company spent his money on design, marketing, and assembly. Using an approach it calls “the olonic system,” the company outsourced all the parts it required, and then assembled them. By 1996, it company made a network of about 250 external suppliers. Company manufacturing strategy maintained the company’s operating margins at more than ten percent annually, double the industry average. Aprilia’s rapid growth came during an unusually flourishing period in Italy’s economic history. The success of this and other Italian companies has been related to larger trends in the national economy, including low price rises, a wage freeze, and low commodity prices. By increasing its rate globally, Aprilia decrease its exposure to the vacillations of Italian political and economic conditions. CEO of aprilia hoped that this “defense” would ensure his company’s success.

The supermotard from Aprilia evolves with the sole objective of providing maximum riding fun. Dorsoduro 900 is born out of Aprilia’s solid tradition in this motorcycle segment and it is a true thrill generator. A revamped twin-cylinder with 90 nm of torque combined with bar-setting chassis architecture enhances its distinctive characteristic as a fun bike
Symbol of Aprilia’s sports DNA, RS 125 Replica GP has been profoundly revamped to celebrate twenty-five years of success. Aprilia RS 125 Replica GP is still the point of reference for sports bikes dedicated to younger riders, a concentrate of content and style, ready for the best performance on the road and on the track. Born out of racing, aggressive, capable of expressing dynamic character and lightweight in a personal and recognizable style, RS 125 Replica GP highlights Aprilia’s passion for the sport with a concentrate of technological refinements worthy of a true Superbike. Exclusive ergonomics of a true supersport bike, sleek fairing, aluminum frame, a generous engine, and the best components and technical features.


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Aprilia is known as one of the best framework manufacturers in the world and the RSV4 represents the production of the packed with new technology and great ergonomics. RSV4 is not a typical bike with a few bolt-on parts this bike has a rich and successful racing heritage and has been derived from the company’s successful racing bikes over the years.
Tuono V4 represents the state-of-the-art in technology the stylish electronic management contains advanced dynamic controls package with APRC, Cornering Antilock brake system, Quick Shift active even in downshifting, Pit Limiter and Cruise Control. The 175 Hp V4 engine and the racing frame provide incomparable performance. The overall design of the Tuono V4 is almost like RSV4.
Vespa primavera 150 boast a generous equipment also confirms its technological cutting-edge, and prove itself as one of the most modern and safest vehicles in the world. This bike has more generous equipment package that is consist of a very handy USB socket, located inside the leg shield back plate compartment, and the ABS braking system. Vespa Primavera 150 cc engine which is extremely environmentally friendly

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