Keeway Motorcycles started as a small scale motorcycle manufacturer in 1999 with the aim of transforming the motorbike industry. Keeway has become one of the multinational motorcycle brands. Today, Keeway Motorcycles functioning in more than 80 countries and has now entered the Pakistani market. Keeway has become a multinational organization incorporating in the sense of design, sale, and service of motorcycle and other mechanical products. Keeway, as the brand name of high-end products, has accomplished high awareness and won over so many customers in Europe due to its reliable quality, appealing looks, competitive price and always-ready post-sale service. Promoted from its solid brand image in Europe, Keeway has been announced with great success to North America, South America, and West Asia.
Keeway’s product series covers scooters and geared motorcycles. An extensive range of displacements are available, from 50cc, 90cc, 100cc, 110cc, 125cc, 150cc, up to 250cc. At this time Keeway is in the process of developing products with larger displacement in order to assist the differentiate global marketplace. Born and growing under the backdrop of internationalization. It exemplifies the assurance of its inventors and workers to deliver the world consumers with the greatest value assembled with high quality from around the globe. With this vision rotating into reality, it can be said that the days when the Pakistani roads will be full with modern, sporty and fuel efficient bikes. If you want to go for a bike that is both sporty and practical, you might consider contacting rapid rides Motor Company.

Keeway Motorcycles have been widely admired by the bikers all around the world because of their good worth, decent styling, high quality, and disturbance-free ride. KEEWAY K-LIGHT 202, has an advanced suspension classic look and modern touches of design which makes your trip an exciting experience. KEEWAY new K-Light 202 is a retro-looking 50/60 retrace bike.
One of the most prominent motorcycle design ever made by the Keeway Motors is Superlight 200 comes with a 200cc an oil cool single-cylinder engine. Superlight 200 is a special motorcycle with a special design that cannot be summarized in a single sentence. Superlight is designed to impress you in every way. The sporty and classic body combined with a matte paint created a unique appearance.

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