Lifan is one of the large scale private enterprises in China founded in 1992, which is focusing on scientific research and development as well as manufacturing and sales of automobiles, motorcycles and engines. It is also one of the largest manufacturing export enterprises in China originate for the export among Chinese independent automobile and motorcycle brands. Internationalization and get-up-and-go are the two key development strategies of Lifan Group. Introducing automobiles and motorcycles, Lifan products have been vastly known by global users and setting an example of intellectual manufacturing. Lifan has established his motorcycle factories in Vietnam, Thailand and Turkey. It is also providing high-quality products and topmost service to 117 countries and regions worldwide. Lifan has been continuously recorded in China’s top 500 initiatives, and number one exporter in Chongqing’s automobile and motorcycle industry for years. Committed to strict quality control and building outstanding brand reputation through introducing world-class quality management system. Lifan Group is widely praised and admired in all way of walking, honored with several titles and awards comprising “China Famous Brand”, “National Quality-Inspection-Free Product”, win first Award because of its Quality Management and National Advanced Unit for Quality Controller.

The KP 250 (LF250-3R) is one of the premium bike has Single cylinder engine with the dimensions of 2000x760x1070mm. It has carbon fiber tank cover KP 250 with new strip wheel stickers. The engine is paired up with 6 speed transmission gearbox and total fuel capacity is 14 liters.
 545,000.00 585,000.00
KPM 200 LF200-3B uses the classic retro motorcycle design elements such as integrated hum seats, round headlights with the steel wheel rims and exuding a strong retro flavor. There also some extended fashion elements have been added by Lifan.


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KPR 200 is a championship-winning bike with 200cc six-speed water cooled engine and Low air-resistance body design. The KP motorcycles have claimed 17 championships in 18 CRRC competitions since 2012. With Multi-segment adjustable central shock absorber and new engine, allows the KPR-200 to deliver the most power and torque in its class. This motorbike has LED headlight and Daytime Running Lights and Racer-class tachometer.
One of the most elegant motorcycle designs ever made by Lifan Motors is SS3 (LF175-10M) which comes with a vertical single-cylinder, an air cool and four-stroke engine. The bike has a very special and superlative design which is not expressible in a single sentence.
 330,000.00 360,000.00

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