At RapidRides, we take great pride in offering an expansive selection of high-quality products for all of your biking needs. This includes top brands like AmsOil, Kendall, and Kixx so that your bike gets the care and maintenance that it deserves.

From chain cleaners and carburetor cleaners, coolant, octane boosters, coolant replenishment solutions, and coolant to coolant replacement products and coolant boosters – we offer all of the essential items to keep your bike in top condition. Our chain cleaning brush provides efficient chain maintenance, increasing its lifespan and performance.

RapidRides provides more than maintenance essentials. We also carry an assortment of accessories designed to enhance your riding experience. By choosing RapidRides, you can be confident you are purchasing quality products from trusted brands – guaranteeing optimal performance and value for your bike.

Maintain and care for your bike with care by visiting RapidRides today and exploring our selection of AmsOil, Kendall, and Kixx products as well as chain cleaning brushes and related accessories to keep it running efficiently and smoothly. Ride with pride knowing your bike is equipped with only top-quality products available!

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LIQUI MOLY 3040 Speed Motorcycle Additive 150 ml

    • increases operational reliability

    • cleans the fuel system

    • prevents corrosion in the fuel system

    • protects fuel against oxidation and aging

    • improves acceleration

  • prevents carburetor icing

  • higher performance gain

Motorbike AMS-OIL Power Foam

• Cleans deposits from ethanol and degraded fuel • Removes gum and varnish • Maximizes horsepower • Restores start-ability • Helps improve fuel economy