American machines forged an unparalleled legacy from the 1930s through the early 1960s, leaving an unforgettable mark in history and giving birth to what we know today as cruiser motorcycles/Cruise bikes. Iconic in their design and spirit of freedom and adventure, cruisers/cruise bikes have captured the hearts of motorcycle enthusiasts worldwide. Our dealership offers an exquisite selection of cruiser brands, each telling its unique tale of power and elegance.

Harley-Davidson remains an icon among cruiser enthusiasts, and our collection encapsulates this golden era with cruisers that echo its spirit. A hallmark of a cruiser design is the relaxed riding position – feet forward, hands up, and spine leaning back slightly so the rider can embark on every journey with style and comfort.

Cruiser engines are designed for ease and delight, prioritizing low-end torque and smooth shifting. V-twin engines were once popular, but now we offer various V-twin inline engine options too! At United Motors (UM), Keeway, Lifan Hysoung & Overdrive, you will discover an ideal blend of tradition & innovation we offer.

Let’s discover our incredible collection:

Lifan V16s V Twin Cruiser: An eye-catching piece, this cruiser encapsulated modern elegance with a powerful V-twin engine and refined looks that command attention on the road while exuding sophistication.

UM Renegade Classic 300: Evoking the wild west and spirit of Western America, the UM Renegade Classic invites riders to explore uncharted territories. We are combining classic charm with contemporary performance capabilities.

Hysoung’s GV 650: An unparalleled ride, the Hysoung GV 650 provides an exhilarating ride thanks to its powerful engine and innovative engineering. Ideal for riders seeking outstanding performance and raw power.

Keeway 200cc Cruisers: These cruisers embody comfort and adventure, featuring a 200cc engine for seamless urban travel and thrilling off-road escapades.

At our dealership, we do more than sell motorcycles; we curate dreams and provide an avenue to rediscover the American dream. Our selection of cruisers transcends time, reflecting its essence and spirit today while remaining relevant tomorrow. So if you’re searching for that unique motorcycle to satisfy your soul, join us on this unforgettable journey into cruiser land and experience freedom as we head down new roads!

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  • Engine

    Single-cylinder water-cooled engine

  • Displacement

    249 cc

  • Bore x Stroke

    72mm x 61.2mm

  • Power


  • Torque


  • Compression Ratio


  • Clutch type

    Slipper clutch


  • Engine Type

    2-Cylinder, Water-cooled, DOHC

  • Displacement


  • Bore x Stroke

    72 x 55.2mm

  • Maximum Power


  • Maximum Torque



Keeway Motorcycles have been widely admired by the bikers all around the world because of their good worth, decent styling, high quality, and disturbance-free ride. KEEWAY K-LIGHT 202, has an advanced suspension classic look and modern touches of design which makes your trip an exciting experience. KEEWAY new K-Light 202 is a retro-looking 50/60 retrace bike. 8500 Rs to 10000 Rs Delivery Charges


One of the most prominent motorcycle design ever made by the Keeway Motors is Superlight 200 comes with a 200cc an oil cool single-cylinder engine. Superlight 200 is a special motorcycle with a special design that cannot be summarized in a single sentence. Superlight is designed to impress you in every way. The sporty and classic body combined with a matte paint created a unique appearance. 8500 Rs to 10000 Rs Delivery Charges    


One of the most elegant motorcycle designs ever made by Lifan Motors is LIFAN V16 S which comes with a V-Twin cylinder, an air cool and four-stroke engine. The bike has a very special and superlative design which is not expressible in a single sentence. 8500 Rs to 10000 Rs Delivery Charges

Raptor 300 V-TWIN Bike

Raptor 300 V-twin bike is an Awesome style and equally good at performance. That’s what the Raptor is. Therefore a

Renegade Sport-S 300 Vegas


Rule the Streets

A machine, you ride; a legacy, you respect. The legacy of the UM Renegade goes way beyond its beatnik-rocker soul. Clean, classic lines and shiny chrome conceal safety innovations like a world-first, 360-degree LED light system, blind-spot mirrors, tubeless tires, and the SAM® onboard maintenance system. Together, they make the Renegade as reliably secure as it is recklessly cool.

Live to Ride and Ride to Live

The new Renegade Sport S has redefined the concept of a sports cruiser. Pure American Muscle with the comfort of a full-size cruiser and the innovations that you come to expect in modern bikes. The Renegade Sport S was designed to conquer the motorcycle enthusiast looking for the riding comfort of a cruiser combined with the performance and sporty looks of a sportbike.


Windshield Color
Saddle Bags
Crash Guard

Unique Aspects

LED 360
Sports Grips

Stallion 400 Bike

Stallion 400
2 Cylinder – Parallel Twin
30 Hp @ 6,500 rpm
22.5 Nm @ 6,500 rpm
69 x 62
Liquid Cooled

Stallion SC 400 Bike

Overdrive Stallion SC 400
2 Cylinder – Parallel Twin
30 Hp @ 6,500 rpm
22.5 Nm @ 6,500 rpm
69 x 62
Liquid Cooled

Starlight 200 Bike Matt Black



Starlight 200
Matt Black
1 Cylinder – 4 Stroke – 2 Valves
16.76 Hp @ 8,000 rpm
17 Nm @ 6,500 rpm
63.5 x 62.2
Liquid Cooled
Available on backorder

UM Renegade Classic 300

The spirit of the Renegade Classic 300 has a character that attracts riders with the same nature. Under its vigorous curves and bright chromed accents and its robust engine hides the spirit of a warrior. The bike is prepared to travel all places of Chile with a unique, classic and elegant style. This bike also gets an Electronic Fuel Injection system over the consistent carburetor system on other UM bikes. 8500 Rs to 10000 Rs Delivery Charges

UM Renegade Commando 300

UM Renegade Commando has a strong, attractive and solid body, which can be expected from the company, and provides a good mileage which keeps the customers happy. The UM Renegade Commando is powered by a 279.5 cc Single Cylinder, 4 Stroke and 4 valve, liquid cooled, petrol engine with spark ignition that allows the bike to produce a maximum power of 28.4 bhp at 8500 rpm and a highest torque of 23 Nm at 7000 rpm. 8500 Rs to 10000 Rs Delivery Charges