Keeway, an esteemed Hungarian two-wheeler brand, has grown beyond borders to become a global phenomenon with over 74 countries around the globe. Originating in Hungary, Keeway has now evolved into one of China’s premier manufacturers of motorcycles and scooters; their remarkable journey is closely connected with QJ Group (state-owned enterprise valued at USD 460 Million), producing both Keeway and Benelli brands.

QJ Group operates within China with five domestic subsidiaries, ten branches, and an overseas subsidiary – employing over 10,000 skilled professionals – across its expansive network. Keeway Motorcycle brand’s success can be directly attributed to QJ Group as the two companies work hand in hand to become influential players in the motorcycle marketplace.

Pakistan, one of Keeway’s many beneficiaries, can experience two prominent models – K-LIGHT 200 and SUPER LIGHT 200 – representing their dedication to quality, design, and performance encapsulated within these motorcycles. Keeway continues to forge its path in the motorcycle industry by merging Hungarian heritage with Chinese manufacturing expertise – serving as a testament to innovation’s global reach and skillful craftsmanship combined in an exemplary motorcycle brand like Keeway.


Keeway Motorcycles have been widely admired by the bikers all around the world because of their good worth, decent styling, high quality, and disturbance-free ride. KEEWAY K-LIGHT 202, has an advanced suspension classic look and modern touches of design which makes your trip an exciting experience. KEEWAY new K-Light 202 is a retro-looking 50/60 retrace bike. 8500 Rs to 10000 Rs Delivery Charges


One of the most prominent motorcycle design ever made by the Keeway Motors is Superlight 200 comes with a 200cc an oil cool single-cylinder engine. Superlight 200 is a special motorcycle with a special design that cannot be summarized in a single sentence. Superlight is designed to impress you in every way. The sporty and classic body combined with a matte paint created a unique appearance. 8500 Rs to 10000 Rs Delivery Charges