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At RapidRides Lahore, we offer a comprehensive range of bike accessories tailored to enhance your riding experience. Our top-quality travel bags provide ample storage for all your essentials, ensuring a hassle-free journey. Safeguard your ride with our advanced batteries and security alarms, designed to keep your bike protected at all times. Upgrade your bike’s performance with our premium bike exhausts, delivering optimal power and sound.

For a comfortable and secure grip, explore our selection of motorcycle grips that cater to all riding styles. Stay safe with our durable helmets, available in various designs to suit your preferences. Illuminate your path with our high-performance motorcycle lights, ensuring visibility in all conditions. Maintain your bike’s engine health with our superior bike engine oil, formulated for maximum efficiency. Equip yourself with our reliable bike gear, designed for both style and safety. Experience the best of biking with RapidRides Lahore.

Our Bikes Collection

Rapid Rides is Pakistan’s go-to spot for motorcycle enthusiasts. Offering top-quality Motorcycles from renowned manufacturers, our world-class riders enjoy an unforgettable riding experience at one of our three locations: Lahore, Karachi, or Islamabad. Bike bliss awaits all across Pakistan at Rapid Rides!

Rapid Rides presents world-renowned motorcycle brands renowned for cutting-edge technologies, reliability, and innovation in motorcycle design. Our selection features sport bikes, cruisers, touring/adventure bikes, street bikes, naked bikes, electric bikes and used bikes that cater to every taste – we guarantee it.


Lifan is a privately owned Chinese motorcycle and automobile manufacturer. Their headquarter...


UM (United Motors)

UM, an American brand, sold in over 30+ countries worldwide. It has 3 manufacturing...

UM (United Motors)


Overdrive, is a unique initiative in Pakistan to provide quality motorcycles from all over the world...



Keeway, a Hungarian brand, sold in over 74 countries worldwide, is now one of the largest...



Founded in 1978 as a division of the Hyosung Group of industries, now KR Motors produce models...


Electric Bikes

RapidRides stands out as a vibrant reflection of Lahore’s vibrant culture and heritage with their...

Electric Bikes

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adeel zaidee
adeel zaidee
If you want to switch to imported bikes. This is the place to land. They not only gives you imported bike but also after sale services. Owner is very cooperative and helping. Unlike other bike importers in Pakistan then have owned their bikes and customers by giving quality after sale service. They have all spares available for bikes purchased from them.
Tayyab Asrar
Tayyab Asrar
A place meant for bike lovers and enthusiasts. I personally bought two bikes from them and have to say that they provide excellent service & care. Their owner Mr. Irfan is gentle and cooperative person. They have professional staff from mechanics to salesmen. I highly recommend Rapid Rides to all the bike lovers, enthusiasts & beginners.👍
Great experience especially for motorcycle enthusiasts. Official dealer for Lifan , Benelli and many more.
Travel by Arslan
Travel by Arslan
Went there to see Lifan KPT 200. An amazing collections for riders and who love motorbikes. Helmets, jackets and all other accessories were available. They are importers of chines bikes, especially. They do deals both in new and used bikes.
Zaid Amir
Zaid Amir
I had a pleasant experience here. I went here with my friend for some information. The showroom is on the first floor and is kept clean and tidy. They mostle have Chinese bikes like Lifaan with engine size ranging from 150cc to 600-700cc. They also have a range of helmets, mostly LS2. The person there answered our questions regarding the bikes we were curious about, but he was lacking in knowledge in certain areas like tyre size and pressure. Overall, it was a good experience.
Humza Siddiqi
Humza Siddiqi
Hello all readers, i recently visited this store and bought a few things including leather gloves, a touring jacket, a magnetic tank bag and a pair of kevlar jeans. Undoubtedly this has been the most rewarding experience for my biking gear shopping not only in terms of value for money, quality and workmanship of the products (easily comparable to any international standard) but also the help i got in selecting the right gear... its a must visit !!!!
Mamoon Mir
Mamoon Mir
Different categories of various Companies Available here Lifan, Benelli, Um Renegade, Feugo Etc, Owner Sheikh Irfan Owsum Personality also treats wonderfully and the good mechanics also available almost they can fix any bike in all category.
Ubaid ur Rehman MUAVIA
Ubaid ur Rehman MUAVIA
A place where you can find all kind of bike stuff. Which mean every thing about bike is there . Imported bikes in reasonable price. I mean to say a bike lover should be in love with here. And importantly you can find every kind of safety for bike travelers, Imported and branded helmets I was in love with. And a yamaha old bike was crazy we have a lot fun that day when we visited the store.

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Motorcycles Online Store in Pakistan

RapidRides Is Your One-Stop Motorcycle Shop

Are You Seeking All Things Biking? RapidRides Offers Dependable and Comprehensive Bike Shop Solutions.

Reputable Brands Globally

RapidRides recognizes the value of quality and trust, so we only work with trusted brands such as Lifan, OverDrive, VLEKTRA, And U.M bikes – excellence on two wheels! When purchasing from RapidRides, you are choosing excellence!

Comprehensive Aftersale Services

RapidRides takes great pride in our exceptional after-sales services, which include performing regular maintenance and motorcycle repairs and offering support to keep you riding effortlessly.

motorcycle Accessories, Spare Parts, and Bike Gear

RapidRides is your one-stop shop for all biking essentials. With an extensive selection of bike gear, helmets, and spare parts from some of Italy’s finest helmet brands – Origine from Italy and Ls2 from Spain, both ECE-approved

RapidRides Shop Offers an Extensive Selection of Motorcycle Accessories RapidRides is your one-stop shop for motorcycle accessories! With leather saddlebags, motorcycle bags, fabric saddlebags, and magnetic tank bags offering added convenience, magnetic tank bags, backpacks, leg bags and waist bags, travel bags, and luggage bags available, RapidRides has you covered for any biking need.

MotorCycle Batteries

Rapid Rides takes pride in offering an extensive selection of top-grade Motorcycle batteries designed to meet the needs of every bike enthusiast. Our offerings span 5AH to 24-AH capacity batteries that can power everything from sports to rugged adventure bikes.

As we understand that having the appropriate battery is critical to optimal performance and reliability on the road, we have leading battery brands such as Inverex, Yuasa, Power Safe, and Yusan to offer only top-quality options on the market.

MotorCycle Security Alarms

Rapid Rides takes the security of your motorcycle seriously and offers a comprehensive selection of motorcycle security alarms designed to provide maximum protection. Our collection offers several variants tailored specifically for meeting different security needs.

Electric Horns

Rapid Rides understands the importance of safety and convenience while riding your motorcycle. We provide an array of motorcycle electric horns and mobile stands to enhance the riding experience for all motorcycles.

MotorCycle Tires

RapidRides is dedicated to offering only the finest motorcycle enthusiast products, such as our expansive selection of Timsun tires at our outlet. As a premier bike shop, we enjoy creating a fantastic yet safe riding experience through our top-of-the-line products.

Bike Exhausts

RapidRides is your one-stop shop for motorcycle exhausts/silencers from brands like SC-Project, Akrapovic Two Brothers LEO Vince, and M4. Please browse our inventory today and find an exhaust/silencer that perfectly matches your motorcycle’s model and style! You’re sure to find something suitable here. Our list boasts top-quality models from SC-Project Akrapovic Two Brothers LEO Vince and M4 for easy browsing!

Motor Bike Oil And Additives

At RapidRides, we take great pride in offering an expansive selection of high-quality products for all your biking needs. Includes top brands like AmsOil, Kendall, and Kixx, so your bike gets the care and maintenance it deserves.
From chain cleaners and carburetor cleaners, coolant, octane boosters, coolant replenishment solutions, and coolant to coolant replacement products and boosters – we offer all the essential items to keep your bike in top condition. Our chain cleaning brush provides efficient chain maintenance, increasing lifespan and performance.

MotorCycle Mirrors

At RapidRides, we understand the significance of precise and reliable motorcycle mirrors for an enjoyable biking experience. That’s why we provide diverse side mirrors to meet every rider’s needs.

MotorCycle Indicators

At Rapid Rides, we understand that every motorcycle enthusiast has unique style and preferences, so we offer various Motorcycle indicators. Our collection includes bike metallic body indicators, adding elegance and durability to your bike. For those seeking lightweight and versatile options, we have ABS plastic indicators that combine functionality with style.
Enhance the visibility and modernize your motorcycle with our LED round and LED BMW-style indicators, ensuring you stand out on the road day and night.

MotorCycle Lights

At Rapid Rides, we offer a comprehensive range of top-quality lights and lighting solutions for your motorcycle. Whether you need enhanced visibility on the road or want to customize the look of your motorbike, we have it all.

Disc Brake Locks

Rapid Rides has you covered in protecting your motorcycle with high-quality metallic disc brake locks from round and square disc brake locks crafted with top materials to offer robust protection from theft. Ride with peace of mind knowing your prized possession is secured from theft – visit Rapid Rides today and browse our selection of metallic disc brake locks that offer robust protection and reliability!

Bike Gears

At Rapid Rides, our top priority is the safety of our customers, and that’s why we carry an array of CE-approved bike gear designed to keep you secure during your travels. This collection includes motorcycle touring and sports jackets intended for summer and winter riding conditions to provide maximum comfort and protection, no matter the climate or terrain.
To provide added protection, we offer body armour for lower and upper bodies to shield against potential impacts. Furthermore, Kevlar jeans and motorcycle trousers offer durability and abrasion resistance, providing excellent leg protection.
As part of our effort to keep your hands safe while riding, we provide gloves suitable for winter and summer riding conditions. Furthermore, knee and elbow guards help safeguard vulnerable joints during unanticipated incidents.
We recognize the significance of protecting yourself from dust and pollution and provide face masks explicitly designed for bikers.

MotorCycle Handle Grips

Sports bike enthusiasts will appreciate our firm, comfortable motorcycle grips that offer precise control during high-speed manoeuvres. Touring bike riders will appreciate our ergonomically designed grips that reduce fatigue while improving grip strength and comfort during long rides.