We cover a large variety of touring bags. We have tank bags, backpacks, side boxes, sides bags canvas, side bags leather. All products are of premium quality.

Motor Bike Lateral Saddle Bags With Rear Bag

Three Bag Set. It has a capacity top bag of 58 liters with an expansion of up to 74 liters. Sides bags 18 kg s each with an expansion of up to 22 kg s.Waterproof comes with a 6-month s stitching warranty. 

Motor Bike Leather Tool Bag

  • 3mm thick Authentic Leather
  • Laminated waterproof leather
  • 4 liters
  • 28 cm (length), 12 cm (diameter)

Motor Bike Tail Bag

This tail bag is of high quality, is waterproof, and has an efficient and removable tail with sleek Slipstream design. It can be used on any bike. The bag has an extra waterproof cover for extreme weather. A product of RapidRides.Comes with 6 month s stitching warranty.Capacity 7 liters.

Motorbike Genuine Leather Saddle Bags

  • 3 mm thick Authentic Leather
  • Laminated waterproof leather
  • Capacity: 14 x 2 liters
  • 36 cm (length), 13 cm (width), 30 cm (high)

MotorBike Givi Helmet Tail/back Pack

Helmet tail bag.Very handy to carry a helmet anywhere. The bag can contain up to 12-kilo s. It's Waterproof, durable, and of the highest quality. It can be used as a bag back as well. It has two straps to support that. A product of Rapid Rides comes with 6 months warranty.

Motorbike Magnetic Tank BackPack

Magnetic tank/back Pack. Bags are compatible with plastic tanks as well. It has a magnetic mounting system with reflectors and is extensible. The bag has a separate rain cover for extreme weather. All season bag which is 100% waterproof.Comes with 6 months stitching warranty.A product of Rapid Rides.
  • Capacity 24 liters(Closed) and 34 liters (extended)
  • Measures (36cm x 26cm x 22cm)

Motorbike Premium Side Bags

These high-quality fabric side bags are an essential element for those bike rider who carries a lot of luggage with them and wants to ride on long tours.   

Motorbike Single-Side Leather Saddle Bag

Single Side Bag for Bikes that carries necessary things. It's 3mm thick authentic leather. Which has laminated waterproof leather. The bag can contain up to 12-15 liters. It has a separate water bottle space. It comes with extra rain cover for extreme weather. A product of RapidRides comes with 6 month s stitching warranty.    

MotorBike Travel Backpack

The bag is waterproof. Manufactured from 1200D Nylon. high quality durable and long-lasting.Most effective for touring.
  • 3mm thick Authentic Leather
  • Waterproof laminated leather
  • Capacity: 35 liters
  • Trunk 35 Liters: 35 cm (long), 25cm (width), 42 cm (high)

Motorbike Universal Magnetic Tank Bag small

  • Magnetic Mounting System
  • Reflective strips
  • Extensible
  • Weather Cover to protect from water
  • Measures (32cm x 15cm x 8cm)
  • Capacity 4 liters

Motorcycle Leg Pouch With Waist belt

Premium Quality leg bag.waterproof with a capacity on 2 liters.

Shoulder bag/Back Pack

It's a RapidRides own Production. This export-quality shoulder bag has a thick waterproof para suite that allows you to ride in the rain. It's total waterproof zips. the bag can carry up to 45 liters. It has two side pockets. three separate layers inside the bag to manage books/clothes accordingly.