Discover Exceptional Protection With Our Comprehensive Range of Body Armors!

At RapidRides, safety is our highest priority, so we provide diverse body armor pieces designed to meet every need. Whether it be full-body protection or individual upper armor and lower armor pieces for each protection area, ArmorGuard has everything covered!

Our body armor has been meticulously engineered to offer maximum protection without compromising comfort or mobility. Crafted from high-grade materials, they boast exceptional durability against impact and abrasions.

No matter your activity – extreme sports, motorcycling, or tactical operations – RapidRide’s wide variety of body armor products provides confidence and peace of mind to help ensure a secure experience. Don’t risk potential risks without protection! Rapid-ride body armor offers unparalleled peace of mind!

Motorbike Body Armor Vest Chest-Spine Protector

Upper body protection with back and chest protectors made with high-impact injection-molded plastic. It has fully adjustable straps on the waist, chest, and forearms to make it a secure and perfect fit.

Motorbike Lower Body Armor

The large plastic vents help maximize air ventilation. It has a thigh protector, knee/cap, chin cups, hip support all attached to a mesh trouser. Its made from lightweight yet durable stretchable Lycra/mesh net fabric and high-impact injection-molded plastic.

Motorbike Rider Upper-Body Armor

Fox Upper Body Protection Motorcycle Jacket Armour. The upper body protection jacket has a dependable and elastic lycra/mesh fabric for easy and smooth rides.