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We are an exclusive distributor of LIFAN bikes, and our dedication to excellence has allowed us to expand our distribution network into major cities such as Islamabad and Karachi, ensuring customers in these regions have easy access to high-end LIFAN bikes.

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Introducing the Vlektra electric bike Bolt, available at RapidRides Lahore, boasting the following specifications: Roll-On Acceleration: Experience seamless acceleration without

Electric Bike Retro

Introducing the Vlektra Retro, available at RapidRides Lahore, featuring the following specifications: Roll-On Acceleration: Experience guilt-free acceleration at every green light,

Electric Bike Velocity

          Model: [Motorcycle Model Name] Motor: 1500w hub motor Range: 100-125 km Torque: 100nm Max Speed:

Electric Bikes 1969

Title: Retro 1969: A Revolutionary Electric Bike from Rapid Rides Lahore Introduction In the heart of Lahore, Rapid Rides introduces


HYOSUNG AQUILA GV650P 8500 Rs to 10000 Rs Delivery Charges


Keeway Motorcycles have been widely admired by the bikers all around the world because of their good worth, decent styling, high quality, and disturbance-free ride. KEEWAY K-LIGHT 202, has an advanced suspension classic look and modern touches of design which makes your trip an exciting experience. KEEWAY new K-Light 202 is a retro-looking 50/60 retrace bike. 8500 Rs to 10000 Rs Delivery Charges


One of the most prominent motorcycle design ever made by the Keeway Motors is Superlight 200 comes with a 200cc an oil cool single-cylinder engine. Superlight 200 is a special motorcycle with a special design that cannot be summarized in a single sentence. Superlight is designed to impress you in every way. The sporty and classic body combined with a matte paint created a unique appearance. 8500 Rs to 10000 Rs Delivery Charges    

Lifan KP250 (LF250-3R)

The KP 250 (LF250-3R) is one of the premium bike has Single cylinder engine with the dimensions of 2000x760x1070mm. It has carbon fiber tank cover KP 250 with new strip wheel stickers. The engine is paired up with 6 speed transmission gearbox and total fuel capacity is 14 liters. 8500 Rs to 10000 Rs Delivery Charges  

Lifan KPM200 (LF200-3B) Bike

KPM 200 LF200-3B uses the classic retro motorcycle design elements such as integrated hum seats, round headlights with the steel wheel rims and exuding a strong retro flavor. There also some extended fashion elements have been added by Lifan. 8500 Rs to 10000 Rs Delivery Charges

Lifan KPR200 Bike

KPR 200 is a championship-winning bike with 200cc six-speed water cooled engine and Low air-resistance body design. The KP motorcycles have claimed 17 championships in 18 CRRC competitions since 2012. With Multi-segment adjustable central shock absorber and new engine, allows the KPR-200 to deliver the most power and torque in its class. This motorbike has LED headlight and Daytime Running Lights and Racer-class tachometer. 8500 Rs to 10000 Rs Delivery Charges    

LIFAN KPT 200 Used Bike

LIFAN’S KPT 200 USED!!! Model 2022 Mileage 5100 Km Price 900,000 Rps Leg guards


The KPT 200 is a small, adventure touring motorcycle that is designed to offer a comfortable and confident long-distance riding experience, both on and off the road. 8500 Rs to 10000 Rs Delivery Charges