Essential Motorcycle travel bags for every rider


Gear can make all the difference when it comes to motorcycle travel. From long-distance adventures to city commuting, having the appropriate bags can ensure you’re ready for anything that arises. RapidRides has an impressive variety of bags designed specifically to meet every rider’s needs – from magnetic tank bags to leather saddlebags; all are available from them for your riding enjoyment! This blog will highlight a few standout choices through RapidRides that aim to enhance your riding experience.

Magnetic Tank Bags Are Versatile and Convenient

Magnetic tank bags are essential for easy access to essentials on a motorcycle ride. Featuring powerful magnets, these versatile bags secure directly onto your tank for convenient access – be it maps, phones, snacks or anything else you might need! RapidRides offers various sizes and styles to meet all storage needs – everything from maps to phones can easily fit inside these versatile and convenient bags for immediate access when on the open road!

Waist/Leg Bags: Convenient and Stylish Riders who favour sleeker styles may benefit from waist/leg bags as a convenient storage solution without compromising style. RapidRides provides various designs so riders can find one to match their riding gear perfectly.

Helmet Bags: Protect Your Precious Cargo

Safekeeping your helmet when not on the road is of utmost importance, so RapidRides has developed a range of helmet bags designed to safeguard it. Each is fitted with sturdy handles and padding, so your investment remains in perfect condition no matter where life may lead you.

Saddlebags for Motorcycle travel have long been an essential feature of travel, providing ample storage space on either side of your bike. RapidRides offers options made of Cordura and leather material – known for their durability and water resistance; leather saddlebags bring classic, rugged charm.

RapidRides Offers Single Side Leather Bags that Blend Style and Function

Are You Prefer an Asymmetrical Look? RapidRides’ single-side leather bags provide an asymmetrical approach for riders who wish to make an impressionful statement with their luggage. Crafted from high-grade leather material, these stylish pieces look good and provide ample storage space.

Three Piece Lateral/Saddle Bags Provide Maximum Capacity

RapidRides has designed three-piece lateral/saddle bags specifically to meet the storage needs of serious travellers, offering maximum capacity. Crafted for durability and designed to withstand the rigours of travel.

RapidRides Offers Leather Craftsmanship to Store Your Tools

Riders understand the necessity of having essential tools on hand while travelling. RapidRides has crafted an array of leather tool bags to keep tools organized and secure in one convenient spot and add classic style.

Tail Bags Offer Expandable Storage for Versatility

RapidRides’ tail bags offer extra storage capacity that’s easily attachable to the rear of any motorcycle – they even include expandable compartments for short or longer journeys!

Shoulder/Backpack Bags for On-the-Go Convenience

RapidRides has you covered when it comes to shoulder and backpack bags explicitly designed to offer on-the-go convenience when off your bike. Their selection features various compartments and adjustable straps designed to deliver comfort and practicality in one package.

RapidRides offers an impressive selection of motorcycle travel bags to meet every rider’s needs and preferences. No matter whether you’re an occasional weekend warrior or an experienced adventurer, RapidRides’ vast collection of bags ensures that there is the ideal companion for every journey. Invest in quality gear to enhance your riding experience and go into each journey fully prepared – visit RapidRides today and prepare yourself for an incredible ride!

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